Hayleigh T.

Hayleigh joined our team in January 2022 and has quickly become an essential member of our client care team. Hayleigh is originally from Oak Hill Ohio, where she worked as a cake decorator while earning her Bachelor’s degree in English from Ohio University. As a child, she had dreams of becoming a veterinarian, and while she realized that was not her calling, her passion and love for animals has remained unwavering and she is so glad to work in the field at Health and Harmony. Hayleigh is particularly interested in all things feline medicine. In her free time, she is an avid embroiderer and reader. Aside from cats, she is passionate about kitschy décor and eating anything with tomatoes and garlic. She has dreams of obtaining her Master’s degree and joining the field of editing someday.

Hayleigh resides in Grandview with her 9-year-old co-dependent feline companion, Zelda, and a 6-year-old adorable dog named Daisy.

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