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Online pharmacies have made it easier and often less expensive for you to purchase your pet’s medications. Our top priority at Health & Harmony is getting your pet safe and effective medication from a trusted and guaranteed source. Covetrus is a reputable online pharmacy that we have partnered with to create our own online storefront where you can purchase products with confidence. The products available through our online pharmacy come from the same supply chain as the products we carry in-hospital, meaning they are all subjected to the same strict quality control measures and are fully guaranteed by the manufacturer.

Products sold through means other than licensed veterinary hospitals (such as Chewy, 1-800-PetMeds, Drs. Foster & Smith, etc.) are frequently warehoused in unregulated storage facilities for extended periods of time. Storing products at various temperatures and in conditions not recommended by the manufacturer can alter the product’s effectiveness and may invalidate any manufacturer guarantees. Unfortunately, we have had numerous experiences in the past with pets receiving expired, fraudulent, or inappropriately dosed medications through these outside retailers. Since these online pharmacies operate outside of proper veterinary channels, they are not well regulated by any governing body and rarely accept any accountability when they make potentially life threatening mistakes with a pet’s prescription.

Additionally, our online store is integrated with your pet’s medical records which allows for appropriate record-keeping, efficient & quick prescription approvals, and even timely refill reminders to ensure you know when to reorder. We have worked with manufacturers to provide exclusive rebates and coupons and allow us to keep our prices competitive with other retailers.

If you would still like to purchase a prescription product from an outside retailer, please complete and electronically sign the waiver below.

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