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Pet Insurance

When your pet is suddenly sick or injured, the last thing you want to worry about is the cost of veterinary care. Pet insurance is a great option, for cats and dogs alike, that can help you keep your pet’s best interest as the first priority during these stressful times. With pet insurance, you can focus on your pet getting the best care, with the peace of mind that you can afford whatever treatment is needed. Whether your pet has minor incidents (like ear infections or kennel cough) or develops a serious chronic condition (like diabetes or cancer), pet insurance can shield your budget from unexpected, expensive and sometimes lifelong veterinary costs.

Health & Harmony Animal Hospital encourages all of our clients to research and consider if pet insurance is a good fit. We have found that many of our patients go without insurance because their owners don’t know where to start looking for pet insurance among the many different companies and plans on the market.

To get you started, we have provided direct links to the two companies most familiar to our hospital and staff. While Embrace and ASPCA Pet Health Insurance may be what we recommend, we have many patients covered by a variety of different companies. Some workplaces even offer pet insurance, so be sure to take advantage of those opportunities.

If you have questions or get confused in your search, our staff is happy to help you navigate your options so you can find a plan that is a good fit for you, your pet and your budget!

Those of our clients who do have pet insurance will tell you how helpful it has been in affording all of the best care for their pets.

We have found our pet insurance to be helpful. Our dog has had a few medical issues that were covered by Embrace. She had major surgery recently and they covered the bulk of that expense as well. I feel our monthly rate is reasonable, although it does go up each year. I love how easy their website is to use and they keep you informed of when claims are processed, deposit money into the account and it is fairly painless.

Angela F.

I have the pet insurance Embrace, and it’s been great. The front desk sends in the claims forms for me, so I really don’t even need to do anything/worry about it. Embrace emails me the next business day to tell me they’ve received a claim form for Scout. Within a week, the claim is usually finished, and I get reimbursed direct deposited into my bank. There is also an easy to follow Explanation of Benefits for each claim, so I can know how much I get back, why, etc. It gives me peace of mind knowing that if Scout were to get sick or injured – I wouldn’t have to stress over the financial side of her recovery, I could just take care of her. The first year of having the insurance, Scout didn’t have too many issues but even just having little things covered like her vaccines and minor sickness visits/meds, saved me a good amount of money. I recommend pet insurance to any pet owner I know because too often I hear stories that friends have been out thousands for surgeries and medications for their pets. To me, it’s a no-brainer to be covered with pet insurance.

Kaitlyn B.

We love the peace of mind that comes with the pet insurance. Both our pups are covered with insurance and an annual wellness plan. The wellness plan was optional but it has been so nice knowing all the annual expenses we know will occur (annual exam, vaccinations, anxiety meds, and even nail trims!!) would be reimbursed. Especially since they coincide for both dogs at the same time of the year! It’s essentially the pups’ own little HSA plan. And while we haven’t had to use the insurance benefits yet, it’s comforting to know we have it place since our older dog is now officially in her senior years, and our younger dog likes to go looking for trouble. In the past, we have had to make hard health decisions for previous furbabies due to financial reasons (cancer treatments are no joke). Our plan has been adjustable each year to meet our needs, such as a lower deductible for our older dog, and a higher one for the younger one, and I feel confident in knowing that finances won’t get in the way of giving them the life they deserve. Our plan is with Embrace, and they have been amazing to work with. Their customer service is probably the best and most helpful from any company I’ve ever had to work with. One call and all my questions are answered clearly and promptly, and the turnaround on claims is much quicker than I would have thought.

Elizabeth D.

Embrace insurance is amazing. It was very easy to get approval with 5 minutes to upload info to their site. They are super-fast in getting you your reimbursement from your visits to the vet. They pick up the phone and are eager to help you with whatever issue you are having or questions.

Dave E.