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A Message from Our Team

At Health & Harmony, we strive to go above and beyond for our clients and patients every step of the way. These last few months we have, along with the rest of the world, navigated uncharted territory and worked diligently at each step to adapt our operations to keep our clients and patients safe while taking care of their medical needs.

At this time, with the best interest of our existing clients and patients in mind, we have made the difficult decision to place a temporary hold on accepting new clients as of Monday, June 8th. We are committed to providing exceptional care by focusing on our current patients who remain on our waitlist from March through May and hope to begin accepting new clients again as of September 1st. As much as we would love to invite everyone, we would be sacrificing our standards of communication and overall care, which is not true to our mission.

If you have an urgent concern or time-sensitive need, we recommend reaching out to another local veterinary clinic or referral hospital (MedVet or OSU Veterinary Medical Center) for more immediate care. Otherwise, we would love to hear back from you after September 1st to see if we will be at the point where we are able to offer you an appointment and devote the proper time to meet you and your furry family member(s).

Thank you so much for your interest in joining the Health & Harmony family!

Everything you need to know about Harmony Animal Hospital

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Call or text: 614-360-3941
Fax: 614-360-3897
Email: healthandharmonyanimalhospital@gmail.com

Health & Harmony Animal Hospital
1117 W 1st Ave.
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Our Vision

We’ve dedicated our lives to your pet’s health.
The whole reason we exist is to benefit the health and well being of our patients.

Proud To Be ProClaw

Health & Harmony Animal Hospital is one of a select few veterinary practices in all of the United States to advocate for their feline patients by choosing not to offer declawing procedures.