Professional Dental Cleaning Oral ATP

What to expect at our veterinary hospital in Columbus OH when your pet has a professional dental cleaning.

What is involved in the professional dental cleaning at our hospitals?

Each Oral Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention (Oral ATP) visit has twelve separate steps:

  1. General exam before anesthesia, pre-operative organ testing
  2. Oral exam under anesthesia
  3. Gross calculus removal
  4. Subgingival (below the gumline) scaling, root planing, curettage where indicated
  5. Tooth polishing
  6. Irrigation
  7. OraVet® application
  8. Post cleaning exam and dental x-rays to evaluate the areas below the gum line
  9. Dental charting to create a treatment plan
  10. Therapy if necessary
  11. Home care instructions
  12. No-fee follow up appointment to see how well you are performing home care.

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