We’ll be there when you need us.

If your pet is experiencing an emergency during our normal hours, please call us immediately at 614-360-3941. Health & Harmony Animal Hospital will accommodate pet emergencies during business hours for established clients. Whenever possible, we ask that you call in advance so that we may determine your pet’s best plan of action. Depending on severity, we may refer you to an emergency facility if we believe that your pet may require more advanced care than we are able to provide.

If you are a new client with an emergency during business hours, please call our office. We will make the best efforts to have your pet seen at our hospital or refer you to a suitable emergency facility.

Because time is of the essence, please never use email or social media to contact us during an emergency.

If you need help after hours, please reach out to any of our preferred emergency hospitals.

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Please click the button below to request an appointment online. If you wish to schedule an appointment over the phone or have an urgent question or problem, please call us at 614-360-3941.